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Dear reader, nice to have you here.

It all changed when I was undergoing a heart surgery in Switzerland.

I woke up and I remember a thousand cables and other things wired to my body. And I woke up and I was STARVING.

I remember I ate a whole pack of double baked bread with marmalade from the nice doctor that was checking for me.

Without this surgery I would be dead now. I am very grateful to the doctors here in Switzerland. But unfortunately, this was the starting point for another eating disorder. I ate to much now. I compensated the early years and … I got fat.

My parents were no professionals in eating disorders or nutrition. In the 70`s and 80`s it was normal that Kids have to eat much and empty their plates. In German we had a saying: If you eat all the weather will be good tomorrow.

The diagnose was shocking. Diabetes type II. The doctors in the hospital made it clear for me. Mr. Schöpperle, you will die because of Diabetes. You need to shot insulin for the rest of your life. Even then you will suffer from cell defects such as dump feed and hands, heart attacks, strokes and so on. You will get blind and finally you will die because your inner organs will fail.

It is true, they told me all this in this exact way. The purpose was to shock me for changing my eating behaviour and to be exact in my insulin treatment. It did not fail its purpose. But also, it resulted in a mental breakdown in the following night.

After all, it was a good thing. It was a starting point for me.

First, I started a complete new life with a new-found relationship to Jesus Christ. It was a time of awakening. I asked him for a way out. I asked for a lot of things. I was not alive until this moment. My prayers were fulfilled … later. Not at this exact moment in time. Sometimes miracles need time. And It should even get worse.

In the following years the diabetes became worse like I was told before. My eye-sight worsened. A very annoying psoriasis developed. A neurodegenerative decease often related with diabetes type II. Arthritis was striking in my arms, legs, my hands. I developed high blood pressure.

Worst of all I had problems to concentrate, depressions, burnouts. My self-estimate was completely gone. I hated my body. On the other hand, I was completely hopeless to have ever a normal slim life. At some point in time I did let go. I accepted my like I was. Fat and unhealthy.

The insulin shots got bigger and bigger and I developed a resistance against all the insulin.

Even today. When I see me in the mirror? I cannot believe that this is me. That I can be slim and have muscles instead of fat rolls. I cannot believe that I will never need insulin again. That everything turned out to be well.

It was in December 2015 when the final episode in this story of failures took place. I had a breakdown in my knees. Many diets ripped me completely from my muscles. My body could no longer carry that mass of over 130 Kilos. (I did not measure regular – it was quite frustrating seeing the weighing scale starting at 10-20 Kilos again after the scale ended at 120 Kilos.

I was in so much pain, I prayed with friends and in our congregation: “Dear God my saviour. Show me the way out of this mess – please! Make whatever is necessary”. And in this moment, I had suffered enough.

He showed me the way in his own way.

First I found a great physio therapist who let me suffer sweat and blood (literally). He helped me to regain the control over my legs again. But it all would have been useless if I did not learn how to slim down.

I cannot recall how I did but I found the exact help I needed. I found a website with a great community for the exact opposite I was told all the years before. No whole grain products. No light products. The key to my personal success was embracing the “Fat” which was told… is the devil. Sorry to say but this myth was Bullsh…..

That's me in 2017

As I told you. Prayers will be fulfilled. And now the task is on me. I will fulfill your call for health and wellness. If you let us start together.

Klaus Schöpperle | Contact me


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